Ten Yoga Poses Helpful for Full Split Journey

Full split, Hanumanasana in Sanskrit or Monkey Pose is meant to be one of the peak asanas in Yoga. As it requires a lot of balance, control, hamstrings and hips flexibility, full split in not an easy pose to achieve. If you have naturally tight hamstrings, it will definitely be challenging to sit in this […]

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Rabbit with glasses

Yoga Exercises For Eyesight Improvement

If you have been battling with poor eyesight for years, you are not alone and I have some great news. Yoga can improve your eyesight! Whether you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, it’s just so annoying to constantly depend on something to see better. Imagine when you forget your glasses home, you drop them or […]

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Three Reasons Why Backbending is Essential

Backbending can be a very scary thing, especially when we tend to see professional contortionists on TV or very advanced yogis doing it. Naturally, we would want to do the same, however the very first attempts may feel very uncomfortable and we will most likely end up with a sore back. This happens because we […]

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Safe Backbend Yoga Poses And Exercises

Backbending can be a scary thing in Yoga, especially when we feel the first glimpse of pain when done incorrectly. That first discomfort can persuade us so easily not to attend backbending ever again. As I conclude the talk about pain, let’s see how we can safely bend our back with Yoga in order to […]

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Start Yoga

Start Yoga At Home – 4 Easy Steps Guide

Practicing yoga home can be a very daunting activity, especially when you’ve been always going to a studio. There are specific moods, energies, states of mind and feelings that each space arouses in us, therefore the question is – How do we change our home or a room from the space where we usually sleep, […]

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Camel Pose Variation

8 Best Ashtanga Yoga Poses For Beginners

  Ashtanga Yoga, also known as Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, is a combination of poses and movements that the body is following in complete harmony with breathing. This style of yoga is highly dynamic and therefore, you will definitely associate it with hot yoga. So far, it’s very sweaty! The benefits of practicing Ashtanga Yoga are […]

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About I Do Yoga

Hi everyone and a very warm welcome to I Do Yoga! My name is Daniela, but you can always call me Dani. Yoga is a long-time passion of mine, however I have to admit, it took me a while to fully understand the benefits of the poses and that the right props can improve your […]

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