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Start Yoga At Home – 4 Easy Steps Guide

Practicing yoga home can be a very daunting activity, especially when you’ve been always going to a studio. There are specific moods, energies, states of mind and feelings that each space arouses in us, therefore the question is – How do we change our home or a room from the space where we usually sleep, cook, rest or watch TV to a space where we can practice yoga?

Can yoga be practiced home, in our own way, in our own comfortable space, on an even low budget scheme?

Ultimately, yoga started as what I like to call minimalist practice where the only two things involved are your body and your mind. Simple as that. In the same time, if you choose to try a Scorpion Pose or incredible back bend, that will not be as minimalist in my opinion – that would be incredible!

These are the things that, in my opinion, can help you start practicing yoga at home. In other words, the minimum, the essential and ultimately, it’s just a guideline.

Clean your space

Hold on! Is this article about yoga or cleaning the house?

Clean Room

Let’s look at this the other way around. Assume that your house or room is not cleaned or organized – a few dishes left in the sink, some clothes from last night on the floor, a dirty towel left hanging, forgotten laundry, leftover food on the kitchen counter and a stuffy smell in the entire house. We’ll also assume that you just smashed a quick 20-min workout, you’ve done a 30-min yoga flow, listened to some empowering music, laid in your Shavasana to cool down and you are ready to conquer the world. You get up and the first thing you observe is the messiness that surrounds you. Do you feel as empowered as you felt 2 seconds ago? My guess is no, but I know that there might be some exceptions.

You might feel overwhelmed and you might tell yourself – I just finished this incredible workout, I feel so tired, yet amazing, do I actually need to clean the house now? Well, it doesn’t have to feel like this if you clear your space first.

You might want to take this step forward and start the process of decluttering your house – but this might require another post though.

Purchase a Yoga mat

It doesn’t have to be a $150 mat, unless you want the best of the best, but my advice is not to cheap out when it comes to yoga mats. Try to look for those that will improve your grip even when you are sweating. There is a big frustration when you have finally reached the peak of your pose and your hands or feet are suddenly slipping away.

Pink Yoga Mat

Keep away from the thick and foamy ones. It’s great to have some extra cushion for your knees, but those will not help you with the grip. You can always fold your mat, place a small pad or pillow underneath your knees if necessary.

Look beyond the brand. It might look great to have some big names underneath you, but try to see if those brands are contributing with anything to the society, if their products are sustainable. Ultimately, a big question mark would be if they design yoga mats to improve your practice or to make money. Keep in mind, it’s nothing wrong with doing both.

Find your Yoga teacher

I believe that if we all look back to our school years, we had our favourites teachers and we had the best marks at the subjects they were teaching. Why is that? My take is that either they were too good-looki

Yoga Teacher and Student

ng and we started innocently fantasizing or they actually took the time to explain the curriculum, made sure the students were supported in their learning journey and they took time to explain why the subject was important.

The same goes in yoga. Explore different teachers, practice online with them for a little while, see if you can connect with them. Search for those signs that will make you fall in love with yoga (not them) and make sure they explain why those poses are important besides toning you up.

Make time for your practice

I can think of a million things that I either wanted to start or luckily I started somehow, but dropped along the way because I couldn’t find the time – I was just way too busy for this century!

Schedule Agenda

Well, there is one thing to be genuinely busy and a totally different one to look busy. Which one are you?

Without criticizing anybody’s business, let’s make time. So far, we’ve cleaned our space and we bought a yoga mat. We don’t want that mat to catch spider web. Roll it out, fold it, roll it out, fold it – that’s the catch. It will soon be a habit and it ain’t that bad.

Surprise Video – How to set up your Yoga corner

This is a quick 5-minute video where Lauren explains how she organises her Yoga space. Everything from books, yoga mat, blocks, aromatherapy and so much more. I found it really useful as I ‘stole’ a few recommendations from her. I highly encourage everyone to design their own yoga space as this will increase your motivation and it will help you focus on your practice.

Please comment below and let me know if you found this guide helpful. Also, what do you guys do with your space in order to make it more yoga-friendly?

Namaste world!

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